Diverse Leaders Making a Difference


See It To Be It

The facts are in, and the importance of relatable role models can't be understated. No matter who we are or where we come from, having role models that look like us, with similar backgrounds and similar stories, matters.

At On The Dot we highlight amazing people from diverse backgrounds whose journey and inspiration remind us that we are not alone, and that their opportunities can be our opportunities. 


Sharon Brogdon: Want to Thrive Rather than Just Survive? Then Be More Diverse

A former Lieutenant Commander for the U.S. Navy, Brogdon is Head of Diversity and Inclusion at RetailMeNot, a wildly successful website that connects consumers with the most legit deals. An expert in D&I, her distinguished career includes Director of Diversity & Inclusion roles with both Intel and Microsoft.


Shelley Clifford Brophy: She’s Programmed for Opportunity

  Getting into tech takes some major guts. Not only is it still quite the boys’ club, but it also requires a resolute determination to try different approaches again and again in the face of potential failure. If there’s one techie lady who isn’t afraid to venture forth and pull out all the stops in the name of progress, it’s Shelley Clifford Brophy 


Lauren Carson: She’s Empowering African-American Girls

 While society often diminishes those with mental-health issues (After all, going to a therapist is still a running joke in sitcoms.), a lack of mental wellness can deeply affect a sufferer’s relationships, career and physical health, making it imperative that those enduring such struggles get help.  Lauren Carson is doing her all to ensure that young African-American women are provided with the education, support and resources necessary to lead mentally healthy lives.  


Jewel Burks: Want That Dream Job?

    One of those 11 startups founded by an African-American woman that did receive extensive funding, Jewel Burks created Partpic in 2013 after a frustrating endeavor when trying to help her grandfather find a replacement part to fix his tractor. Before long, she had raised $1.5 million in funding and gathered a team of nine employees.


Amanda Gorman Introducing Your 2036 Presidential Candidate…

By the time Amanda could drive, she became a United Nations youth delegate.  Amanda Gorman is a poet exploring the art of poetry rooted in social commentary. She’s the first person in the United States to be designated a Youth Poet Laureate. 


Halima Aden: The Surprising Swimsuit Debut of 2019

  A dozen years after moving to the states from Kenya, Halima entered the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. She walked across the stage with plenty of oohs and ahhs, particularly because she was the first to wear a hijab.

Now, Halima is walking New York Fashion Week runways and landing the cover of British Vogue.