Diverse Leaders Making a Difference


See It To Be It

 The facts are in, and the importance of having relatable role models can't be understated. No matter who we are or where we come from, having role models that look like us, with similar backgrounds and similar stories, matters.

At On The Dot we highlight amazing people from diverse backgrounds whose journey and inspiration remind us that we are not alone, and that their opportunities can be our opportunities. 


Dr. Prineha Narang: This Scientist Will Make Our Everyday Lives Easier

 Dr. Prineha Narang is changing the way those things that we use everyday—mobile phones—and satellites communicate. Forbes called Prineha one of its “30 Under 30” scientists in 2018, and it’s clear why: She’s the role model every little girl and, heck, big girl needs. 


Jean Liu: Will This Global Company Replace Uber and Lyft?

 Jean Liu is the president of one of the biggest ride-sharing platforms in the world, Didi Chuxing.

Haven’t heard of it? Uber and Apple have. They’ve invested in the global mobile transportation company, which Jean has been managing for five years. 


Valerie Jarrett: The White House’s Longest-running Senior Adviser

The longest-running senior adviser to date - Valerie spent eight years alongside President Obama.  Valerie was born in Iran and traveled around before settling in Chicago. The Windy City in the 60s was shaped by racial and gender divides, something Valerie experienced firsthand as an Iranian-american woman. 


Lina Chan: Addressing a hidden health crisis

 The founder of Adia Health, Lina's business idea grew out of tragedy. Lina was pregnant with her first child, Mia, when, at 25 weeks, Mia’s heartbeat stopped and Lina had to spend 8 hours in labor, all while coming to grips that Mia wouldn’t survive. 


Nadya Okamoto A nonprofit on a mission to help all women and girls: PERIOD

 Nadya Okamoto started a nonprofit called PERIOD and wrote a book called Period Power.  Nadya grew up in Portland, Oregon. By the time she was 16, her family lost their home. She spent time staying at friends’ houses and enduring a two-hour commute to school.