See It To Be It


The facts are in, and the importance of relatable role models can't be understated. No matter who we are or where we come from, having role models that look like us, with similar backgrounds and similar stories, matters.

At On The Dot we highlight amazing people from diverse backgrounds whose journey and inspiration remind us that we are not alone, and that their opportunities can be our opportunities.  

Custom Features of Your Diverse Talent


 We specialize in creating content that elevates people within your organization. Leverage this content to inspire your internal workforce, bolster credibility on your commitment to D&I, and attract new talent.  

Diversity & Inclusion Reports & Publications


 We work with D&I leaders to provide full-scale Diversity & Inclusion reports, newsletters, and magazines. 

We can also assist contracted agencies with Diversity &Inclusion-focused content.

Diversity Content Sourced from around the World


 Our team provides weekly sourcing of relevant and engaging content for ERG groups. With On The Dot Diversity software, content is automatically added to personalized dashboards and ERG group pages.