CEO Melinda Garvey

It all started in a little Texas town called Austin, when in 2002, after a few too many glasses of wine, we decided it was time to empower, engage and inspire the women of Austin with the launch of Austin Woman magazine,” says Garvey. 


At the time, the tech industry was exploding in Austin, but the stories of change-makers were squarely tied to a male persona. Austin Woman was the light that illuminated the power and success of remarkable and diverse women who were equally responsible for making Austin the vibrant, economically prosperous town it is today. In the process, Garvey also recognized the lack of features on diverse men, and launched ATX Man, with inspiring content featuring Austin’s best and brightest diverse male leaders. 


In 2017 Garvey set out to pursue the same mission on a broader scale. From that work came a flood of conversations with professional women and diverse men who spoke about the lack of access to mentors and allies within their own organizations. 


There was a universal sentiment of feeling isolated and excluded from access to management and leadership opportunities. I knew I had to find a way to empower women and all diverse employees to build the networks critical to their success, and work with companies to foster the type of inclusivity that would support their growth and advancement.

The On The Dot team focused their sights on creating comprehensive software that fosters employee Inclusion. The platform is employee-centric, with tactical actions each employee can take to drive inclusivity. This personalized, interactive experience creates a tool that puts each employee in the driver’s seat, and empowers DEI leadership to measure their impact. 


We chose inclusion because we know it is the key ingredient to retaining diverse talent and creating an environment where all contributions are valued and utilized, creating significantly better results."

"Even with great software, at the end of the day it is the team behind the tech that will make the difference. Our leadership team is passionate about DEI and experts at engagement. This, coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit, makes us innovative, nimble and committed partners for each customer's journey to create a more inclusive culture.”