What Sets Us Apart

We are experts at engagement. We understand that it's not just having great tools, but making true progress that makes a difference in your organization.

Our platform helps you build the culture that yields results, 

and gives you all the tools to measure and report on your success.

"If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likable person: respectful, generous and helpful" - Alan Cooper 


Personalized User Experience

  • Tools and content customized to fit each employee

  • Employees are in the driver's seat to easily find and grow their professional network and mentors

  • Employees can join multiple groups and their dashboard consolidates all activity and access into one space

  • Customization drives adoption and engagement


Engaging ERG Communities

  • ERG Group creation is unlimited and done in seconds

  • Groups can expand rapidly to perfectly fit the needs of your workforce 

  • Access extends to advocates and allies 

  • Group Leadership is simplified and easily distributed to those wanting to create new groups within your organization


Easy Administration

  • View activity and engagement for every ERG group

  • Manage users, events, budgets, content, categories, & groups 

  • Centrally communicate with group leaders, group members and individuals

  • Dynamically customize categories to fit your organization


Optimized for Mobility

No matter where your workforce is, they'll have easy access 


Actionable Analytics

No need to wonder whether your programs and initiatives are working. We put all the tools to measure and assess progress at your fingertips. Watch your initiatives take flight in real-time, learn by doing, and make the right adjustments to continue your steady climb to a more inclusive culture.


Create Incentives

Leverage our points and badges to drive the type of behavior 

important to your organization


Use What You Know

See what's important to each group in order to curate the type of events and programs that garner maximum interest and participation


Manage Budgets

Easily view and manage budgets for each group, with top down and bottom-up reporting and metrics

Best In Class Technology


Cloud Hosted

Full Compatabilty

API Integration

With 99.99% up-time


API Integration

Full Compatabilty

API Integration

Integration with your existing software tools for maximum impact with minimal overlap


Full Compatabilty

Full Compatabilty

Full Compatabilty

Use anywhere with any 

internet-enabled device