Diverse Leaders Making a Difference


See It To Be It

The facts are in, and the importance of relatable role models can't be understated. No matter who we are or where we come from, having role models that look like us, with similar backgrounds and similar stories, matters.

At On The Dot we highlight amazing people from diverse backgrounds whose journey and inspiration remind us that we are not alone, and that their opportunities can be our opportunities. 


Ann Dunwoody: She’s the Army’s First Female Four-star General

 Though Ann’s ascension to the rank of general was unprecedented and definitely significant for women, she got the job not because she was a woman, but because, as fellow Army General Ray Odierno said, she was “a brilliant, dedicated officer,” and “quite simply, the best logistician the Army has ever had.” 


Molly Mae Potter: Women Veterans, We Salute You!

 While enlisted as a first lieutenant in the United States Air Force, Molly Mae Potter was awarded the Company Grade Officer of the Year award for leading a unit of more than 1,000 officers, a remarkable achievement that caught the attention of the Special Operations unit. Before long, Molly Mae became the first woman selected by the Special Operations unit for a special mission in Afghanistan and Iraq


Kirstie Ennis: A Valiant Heroine

 Sergeant Kirstie Ennis enlisted in the Marines in 2008, when she was only 17 years old. Four years later, she nearly died while serving her country. Kirstie was flying in a helicopter in Afghanistan when it crash landed, smashing to pieces. She says she woke to the sounds of screams


MJ Hegar: She’s the Military Hero Taking on Politics

 An Air Force veteran who received a Purple Heart, as well as a Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor Device, MJ served three tours in Afghanistan as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot and, despite being wounded herself, saved the lives of her crew and patients after her medevac helicopter was shot down.